16th International Robotics Olympiad - Beijing, China



The Philippine delegation had a group of 80 participants with more than half coming from the provinces of Negros Occidental, Isabela and Laguna. Pinoy Robot Games trainers took efforts to train the teamsfor several months in preparation for the contest. This was done face-to-face and online through Skype. All were privately funded through silent sponsors, parents and schools.

The contest began with a short opening ceremony at Shijingshan Stadium, Beijing, China. This was followed by 4 days of tough competitions from different countries. A total of 17 different robot event/contests divided into junior (elementary) and challenge (high school) categories. It was attended by 1,340 participants.

The first two days had several teams from the Philippines competing in the Creative Category elementary group. They made their robot projects from scratch and presented it to 4 judges from New Zealand, Australia, Iran and China. Their robot projects were their response to global warming. The team of CHUA, JACOB AUSTIN T., NGO, ALEXIS DIANNE S., TAN, HEART BERNICE C. made a flawless presentation with their project entitled Pro-Tech and bagged the silver medal.

At the same time, we had teams competing in several humanoid contest and robot in movie. In the humanoid contest, we found ourselves outgunned by the opponent’s superior robots. They had far larger robots that can perform the task much better. I went around encouraging the kids to stay focused, remember their training, and do their best. At the end of the two days, high school students Dela Fuente, Bianca Alexis O., and Pua, Lander Angelo V. got bronze medals while Pan, Marc RJ received a Technical Excellence award. The elementary further boosted our spirits with bronze medals going to Tio, Sasha Lezah Morie V., Balanon, Marc Geroe A., Tan, Ramon Diego A., and Uy, Jean Marcus C. Finally, not be outdone, our high school teams Dellosa, Ken J., Hermenegildo, Ingrid B., and Cairo, Jeremiah Jhun S., Calderon, Hans Simon D. who made movie using robot with theme about family, were awarded several bronze medals.

There was also a mix-up in the schedule on the first two days. Changes were made to the schedule preventing some of the Philippines players from competing in the event “Break Out”. After negotiating with the organizers to allow the Philippine players to do the event “Breeak Out”, they agreed but with penalties to our team. Despite this, Gamboa, Kimberly Klaire H. still bagged another bronze medal on the third day. In the humanoid event called obstacle race, high school students Balanon, Germaine Ashley T., and Uy, Jean Matthew C. got their share of bronze medal while elementary students Tio, Sasha Lezah Morie V., and Uy, Joan Maxene C. added more bronze medals to the Philippine team.

On the fourth day, November 9, 2014 our teams saw the judging of the creative category for high school students and the very difficult event called “mission challenge”. Creative category had several remarkable robot projects for global warming from the different countries causing our teams to bow out but not without receiving distinguishing awards for their own projects.


16th International Robotics Olympiad Philippine Robotics Team




16th International Robotics Olympiad at Beijing, China November 5-9, 2014